Testing the Story 2017/18

Fish To Mars is tremendously evolved since 2017.

Here you will find the original characters, artwork, props and pictures as well as the scientific facts behind the show.

The Martians

The R/V Gadfly Crew

The Aliens

Behind the scenes

The show

The props

Fish To Mars – The Metal Science Opera

The scene is set, the struggling Martian colony is getting a change of command from Earth. With that comes a special “package” with an ancient key to a geological structure recently discovered displaying biological traces. Murder, mayhem and fame mix with things you thought were out of this world. Arrival is not survival…. Alien life, genetic data storage, hydrothermal vents spewing organic molecules: does alien life even care if we are intelligent? Are we?

Events and actions are all based in existing knowledge. Our goal is that, as a team of researchers, artists and storytellers, we will blast off in a combined power pack to the planet Mars, and leave you wondering if the aliens are already here on Earth...

How can we see our place in the universe as it really is and convey it in a way that is inspiring? "Fish To Mars" is a unique collaboration, where true science meets true Norwegian metal with the goal of making an entire opera.

The Technology

The Biology & Geology

"Sign up for the killer tour! Sign up for the glory days!"


"And drop by drop the ice caps melting underground

Gamma radiation chases life to caves unfound"


Pictures, Videos and Soundfiles from the Show